Are exchange-in students or visiting students eligible to apply to UROP?
  • No. Only students who have been enrolled in a full-time degree-bearing program for two semesters and have met the minimum CGA requirements are eligible to apply. For details, please refer to: http://urop.ust.hk/how_to_apply.html
Can I apply for UROP if I am on an exchange program or have deferred my studies?
  • Yes. You are eligible to apply if you plan to resume your studies in the semester immediately following the end of your exchange/deferral period. You are still required to seek your supervising faculty member’s endorsement by e-mail if you have been unable to meet him or her in person during the application period.
Can I continue in UROP while on an exchange program or during the deferral period?
  • No. Only students with “registered” status are eligible to enroll in UROP.
Time Commitment
How long will my UROP project last?
  • The project duration is the length of the semester; no extensions will be granted.
How many hours will I be expected to commit to my UROP project?
  • You are expected to commit at least three lab hours per week. However, the actual commitment varies by project, and is determined by the faculty supervisor and student.
Is there any advantage to applying early?
  • Yes and no. Faculty supervisors are permitted to supervise no more than 10 UROP students (all levels combined) in any single semester, as the main supervisor and co-supervisor. Hence, if you approach your prospective supervisor(s) early, you may have a better chance of becoming part of his or her quota.
Am I allowed to propose a project title to a faculty member?
  • Yes, you are most welcome to propose a project title to a faculty member. If he or she agrees to supervise you, then he or she will submit the project details to the UROP Office, and you should follow the normal application procedures. It is key that both you and the faculty member observe the deadlines posted on the website. If you miss a deadline, then your application will NOT be considered.
Is the same application procedure required for all students?
  • Yes. Regardless of whether you are applying to the UROP for the first time or are working on a continuing UROP project, you must submit an online application and receive a confirmed offer before proceeding to enroll in the course in question.
What is an NOL?
  • An NOL (No Objection Letter) is issued by the HKSAR Immigration Department to indicate a non-local student’s eligibility to study in Hong Kong. For a NOL sample, please click here.
Should I attach an official transcript with my application?
  • You may do so, but both official and unofficial transcripts (downloaded from SIS) are accepted. You are required to upload either one of the transcript for your online application.
Can I submit the application documents by e-mail?
  • No, application documents (see the Application Procedures for a list of the documents required) should be uploaded to the UROP Online Application System as part of your online application on or before the deadline. For non-local students applying UROP1000 in Summer, you can submit your NOL by email to urop@ust.hk if it is not available by the application deadline.
What should I do if I do not wish to continue in the UROP with the same supervising faculty member even after attaining a pass in UROP1100/2100/3100?
  • If you do not wish to continue in the course series, then you may simply refrain from submitting a new application in the next semester. However, if you wish to take up a new UROP project under the same or a new supervisor, then you will have to repeat the application procedure and start a new course series from UROP1100.
Can I have the same supervisor(s) for my UROP project and FYP?
  • Yes, you may. However, if you choose to do so, then your UROP contribution (inclusive of all series courses) CANNOT constitute more than 50% of your FYP.
Announcement of Results and Course Registration
When are application results announced?
  • The announcement schedule varies by semester. Please refer to the UROP Schedule for the latest schedule.
How do I register for a UROP course?
  • Upon application approval by the UROP Office, you can register for a UROP course via the ARRO's SIS before the deadline specified for each semester. You will receive registration confirmation from the UROP Office.

    Please note that students CANNOT drop a UROP course without consent from their faculty supervisor and the UROP Office. Course drop requests must be submitted before the add/drop deadline. Failure to continue a UROP course after the add/drop deadline will result in a FAIL GRADE for that course.
In what situations would I be prohibited from enrolling in UROP2100/3100/4100 after attaining a pass in UROP1100/2100/3100?
  • If your UROP faculty supervisor no longer offers the project in question or he or she no longer wishes to supervise you on it, then you will not be allowed to register for UROP2100/3100/4100 even if you have attained a pass in UROP1100/2100/3100.
Why am I not allowed to repeat UROP1000?
  • UROP1000 is a “tasting course” for students who are uncertain about whether they have a genuine interest in research. Its aim is to broaden students’ learning experience by engaging them in a research project. Therefore, by course completion, students are expected to know whether they are interested in research at the undergraduate level. If they are, then they may register for the UROP1100/2100/3100/4100 course series.
Why have I been given a Conditional offer for UROP1000?
  • o As a non-local student (holding a valid student visa) applying for UROP1000 in the summer, you must submit a copy of the NOL issued by the HKSAR Immigration Department with the other required documents in your online application. If you have not submitted this NOL by the deadline, you will receive a Conditional Offer. The offer will only be confirmed upon submission of the NOL copy prior to project commencement.
Report Submission, Grading and Payment
What is the expected format for a UROP report?
  • Upon completion of a UROP project, students are required to submit a report in conference paper or journal format. Reports should be written in English and restricted to 8-12 pages in length (Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced, single column, with no more than four pages of figures or tables), including a 100- to 120-word abstract.
What grading system is used in UROP courses?
  • UROP courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. An internal grade P*, meaning pass to proceed, is also used for the UROP Online Application System to indicate that students can continue with a project at the next level (i.e., UROP 2100/3100/4100) under the same supervisor.
Will I be paid for my UROP project?
  • Students enrolled in UROP1000 in the summer may be nominated by their UROP faculty supervisor for a stipend of up to HK$6,000.
UROP Awards and Sponsorships
What kind of awards are available to UROP students?
  • Students who have successfully completed UROP2100 or above by the time of their graduation will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Students who exhibit excellent research performance may be nominated by their supervisor for the Mr. Armin and Mrs. Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award (open to all students enrolled in UROP1000/1100/2100/3100/4100).
What kind of sponsorship is available to UROP students?
  • All UROP students who have a UROP project poster and/or paper accepted for presentation at an academic conference are eligible to apply for research travel sponsorship. Those applying for such sponsorship must be the lead and presenting author of the poster and/or paper accepted by the conference organizer(s).
  • All UROP students whose project paper has been accepted by an international journal are also eligible to apply for publication sponsorship, provided that they are the lead author.
  • Students who have attained at least two credits in any UROP courses are eligible to apply for the summer school sponsorship to participate in research-related summer schools / institutes / workshops during their undergraduate studies.
  • For the policy paper and application form, please click here.
Clarissa Cyrilla PRAWOTO
BEng in Computer Engineering

UROP not only introduced me to research in the field of microelectronics, but also allowed me to experience what research is really like. It helped me to understand that research is much more than problem solving, allowing me to ask questions, understand problems, form a hypothesis and confirm it and develop communication skills. During the process I realized that research is a fascinating world at the forefront of technology, contributing to society by expanding our current understanding and knowledge. UROP was a rewarding experience during my undergraduate studies and inspired me to pursue graduate studies in the ECE department.

Minjie XU
BSc in Mathematics and Economics

UROP provided me with the chance to explore the topics that interest me. Throughout the projects, not only did I feel a sense of accomplishment but also gained a better understanding of my own interests for graduate study and future research. From my supervisors’ experiences and their mentoring, I realized that far more preparation, in the form of knowledge, communication, and time management skills, is necessary for further studies and training in academic research. UROP has been a convenient platform from which to figure out whether I would like to pursue a research career in the future, and in which direction to go. I am fortunate to be able to continue studying my field of interest after graduation.