AI platform for STEM education
Project Description

An AI platform, ie. an artificial intelligence enabled learning management system is required for providing online courses on the Internet for students so that they can study and learn from any place and computing device. This AI platform would be focused on providing STEM education for K-12 students. The platform would include learning modules related to various STEM topics of K-12 curriculum. Using the platform, after an initial assessment of the student’s age, ability and interest, STEM topics that they should study would be recommended. Similarly, the system would use machine learning algorithms to learn the preference and abilities of students over time and provide appropriate recommendations. This could be based on students’ usage and assessment data. The system would also provide meaningful and motivating messages to the students according to their usage of the system. The system would include a virtual tutor or chat bot to which the students could ask STEM related questions and receive appropriate responses.

MA Xiaojuan
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Platform development
Testing and data analysis

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- Technical development
- Use of existing tools
- Communication skills

Complexity of the project