Algorithms and Games in Android Devices
Project Description

The target of this project is to introduce the basic concepts of Algorithmic Game Theory and implement a set of agents in the mobile devices. A the end of this project we will implement an Android Service that supports Game Theoretic functionalities.

Keywords: Game, Strategies, Payoffs, Nash Equilibrium, Coordination Game, Auctions, Mechanism Design, Shapley Value

Course type
Applicant's Roles

week 1: Study the needed Game Theory Concepts from the material provided by the supervisor

week 2: Implement a simple Android application which will be installed in more than one mobile devices. The functionality of this application will be the message exchange between the devices.

week 3: Improvement of the application and implement a broadcast group functionality. (i.e whenever one device sent a message, all the other devices receive this message).

week 4: Implement a simple prisoner's dilemma application and a a cooperative prisoner's dilemma application.

week 5: Implement repeated games and Auctions

week 6: Sum Up of Android Applications, Implement a framework that supports all the above functionalities.

weeks 7 & 8: Extend the framework to adjust it in a research problem for a paper.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

By the end of this project the student will be familiarized with the basic concepts of game theory and (s)he will understand the algorithmic issues of the area.

Complexity of the project