An analytical and numerical investigation of debris flow and its impact to Hong Kong
Project Description

Debris flow imposes great threats to Hong Kong. This project aims to develop a systematic way towards understanding the mechanics of debris flow and its impact on barriers, based on both analytical and numerical tools. The analytical model is expected to describe the flow and impact of debris flow within a continuum fluid dynamics framework, while the numerical approach, mainly based on using Discrete Element Method, will serve as benchmark and verification for the analytical model, as well as for future design.

ZHAO Jidong
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicants are expected to finish subjects in mechanics of material, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics and are good in both mathematics and mechanics and numerical methods. He/she will help the supervisor to conduct the numerical simulation part of the project.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The applicants will be able to develop a deep knowledge in the mechanics of debris flow and advanced skills in numerical modeling for geotechnical engineering.

Complexity of the project