Analyzing Graph Evacuation Protocols
Project Description

Building evacuation routes are often modelled using graphs. Evacuation PROTOCOLS point people in the proper direction to go in case of evacuation. Evacuation protocols can be negatively impacted by congestion occurring when different groups of evacuees meet and have to wait for each other.

For some simple cases with perfect prior perfect information about the location of people, algorithms are known for how to most quickly evacuate the people out of the graph (building). This project will try to analyze those cases when only statistical information about the locations are known.
The project has two parts.

1) To build a simulator modelling evacuation movement
2) To use the simulator to understand properties of evacuations and then to try and use that information to derive theorems about expected evacuation times.

GOLIN Mordecai Jay
GOLIN Mordecai Jay
Course type
Applicant's Roles

To build the simulator and to try to analyze evacuation behavior

Applicant's Learning Objectives

To learn how to build a simulator and analyze algorithms

Complexity of the project