Angry shareholders and failed board of directors
Project Description

This project is related to "corporate governance" in general, and "corporate governance failure" in particular. It will examine derivative lawsuits, which arise when minority shareholders disagree with the board of directors in terms of what corporate governance mechanisms are in the best interest of the company. What events would make minority shareholders think that the board of directors failed to do their jobs? How can minority shareholders do to "correct" the problem? Do minority shareholders' actions really benefit the company or just create more problems?

CHEN Szu Fan
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. The student's job is to collect data from corporate disclosures and analyze the contents of the disclosures, so the applicant must have good English reading skills.

2. We will use Excel to record data, so the applicant must also have basic Excel skills.

3. The student should be very familiar with basic financial and accounting terms.

4. The student should be able to meet with the supervisor at least once per week during the summer term. All meetings will be online.

5. Other requirements include patience, responsiveness, initiative, and critical thinking.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Students will have a better understanding of the function of the board of directors and the interaction between the board of directors and minority shareholders.

Complexity of the project