Automated Program Synthesis
Project Description

The advancement in AI and software technologies makes possible "no-code programming", where programs are automatically generated/synthesized without writing code. Interested students will participate in a research project on automated program synthesis through programming-by-examples (PBE). In other words, programs/scripts are automatically generated based on a few input/output examples given by users. At this stage, we focus on generating SQL scripts for data processing applications, which include spreadsheet table transformation, XML processing and file management. Interested students may learn more about program synthesis from the famous international program synthesis competition at

CHEUNG Shing Chi
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students participating in this project will pick up the state-of-the-art programming-by-example (PBE), collect related application tasks over the web, develop various data and operation parsers, carry out experimentation and applying our techniques to more data processing tasks. This project requires strong programming competence. Students must have taken COMP2012, and preferably COMP3021.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- Able to explain the automated program synthesis problem, in particular, programming-by-examples;
- Able to collect experimentation subjects and conduct research experiments;
- Able to develop data and operation parsers; and
- Able to understand as well as optimize search algorithms.

Complexity of the project