Automatic Photo Capturing Using Drones
Project Description

The consumer drones are hot, and so are their applications! One major application of civil dornes is to do photogrammetry or computer vision using the photos from drones. A large-scale 3D reconstruction requires a huge amount of photographs which is difficult task if not automated.
A civil drone is now providing an affordable flying camera, yet the automatic photo capturing as required by a large scale 3D reconstruction requires further investigation to be of practical use.
In this project, the candidate will investigate the 3D reconstruction, and the motion planning for drones to capture the right data,
automatically, for the true 3D reconstruction of the observed scenes or objects.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

The student will participate in the development of this automatic capturing and motion planning algorithms for drones in order to make large-scale 3D reconstruction from images.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

To learn programming skills, to learn interactiion between drones, cameras, and 3D reconstruction, to learn 3D reconstruction principals and practices.

Complexity of the project