Biomimetic Design of Flexible Flapping Wings for Micro Air Vehicles
Project Description

This project aims to study the biomimetic design of flexible flapping wings for micro air vehicles. Silk and other materilas will be used to fabricatre the flexible wings with different surfaces. Effect of fluid dynamics and vibration on the wings will be investigated. Finite element modeling will be used to simulate the wings structural dynamics for analyses.

QIU Huihe
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Design, fabrication and construction of flexible flapping wings using silk synthesis and other materials.

2. Use finite element modeling tool to simulate the wing structures.

3. Build flexible flapping wings to simulate the structural and mechanical properties of a dragonfly

4. Analyze the flight capabilities of the designed wings

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to do the design and and fabrication using silk materials
2. Learn how to use finite element software
3. Learn how to optimize the structure and conduct performance analysis
4. Learn how to use advanced flow diagnostic tools, such as PIV, LDA.

Complexity of the project