Build a OH radical calibration source for air measurement
Project Description

The hydroxyl and hydroperoxy radicals (OH, HO2) are the primary oxidants in the atmosphere. They can react with most atmospheric trace gases and, thereby, controls their rates of removal from the atmosphere. A good understanding of tropospheric OH and its related chemistry is therefore indispensable for reliable prediction of the atmospheric self-cleansing and the formation of secondary atmospheric pollutants (Brasseur et al., 2003).

Course type
Applicant's Roles

By referring to the literature references, build and test a HOx calibration device for atmospheric measurement instrument. Use optical method and mass flow controls to build up the system, and use mathematical methods to determine the HOx concentrations from production devices, and also simulate the ambient diurnal pattern of HOx concentrations.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The students will develop the following capabilities: 1) design research activity; 2)design and build research devices; 3) operate the research tools and instruments for air quality research; 4) data analysis and programming skills.

Complexity of the project