Chemical Engineer & Society
Project Description

Engineering puts up the physical infrastructure of a society. Engineers help to improve the quality of living in the community. The Chemical Engineering education provides our students with a good science foundation, sound problem solving skill and the right social & environmental consciousness. This project will give our students opportunities to apply what they have learnt in theories to the society in practise.

MAK Andrew Tsz Chung
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The successful candidates will be attached to the selected Not-for-Profit organizations (eg environmental groups) to work on community projects. Examples of which include the measurement of CO2 & PM2.5 in selected locations; literature survey to understand some of the key pollutants' health impact; promotion of public's environmental awareness and enhancement on the communication linkage between NGOs and the general public.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Communication skill (with other team members, public and possibly the Press)
Team Work
Develop a sense of social responsibility
Applying what they have learnt to solve real problem

Complexity of the project