Chinese and English Media Representation of Migrant Domestic Workers In Hong Kong
Project Description

Chinese and English media have covered issues surrounding migrant domestic workers differently.
The project seeks to compare the ways in which Chinese and English media (television, radio, newspaper, internet) have portrayed recent cases of abuse against migrant domestic workers, along with overall attitudes to migrant domestic workers and domestic work in general.

GROVES Julian Mcallister
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicant will assist me in
1. reviewing Chinese (Cantonese) and English media coverage of migrant domestic worker issues in Hong Kong
2. Translating from Chinese to English
3. Analysing the Data with the help of qualitative software programme, NVivo
4. Assisting me in writing up and publishing results.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

how to look at the media in a sociologically mindful way
how to undertake qualitative analysis of media: coding, categorizing, comparing, contrasting
how to operate a qualitative software programme, NVivo
how to be more mindful about discrimination against migrant workers in Hong Kong

Complexity of the project