Climate Policies and Cost of Financing
Project Description

The objective is to examine the effect of firms' climate policies on their cost of financing. We identify various mechanisms that could well be driving lower costs associated with green financing. The objective is to disentangle the sources of such cost advantages. The result will inform both managers and policymakers on improving the cost-benefit tradeoffs in managing climate risk through financial markets.

GOYAL Vidhan Krishan
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The selected students will implement the project by designing a data-driven approach to answering key questions that the project deals with. They will extract, process, and analyze data and test various possible mechanisms that could be driving cost advantage/disadvantage associated with green financing. As this is a data-intensive project, it is important to be comfortable with analyzing data to obtain answers to research questions. We do not require knowledge of any special software.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to frame research questions, design empirical strategies, and identify data requirements.
2. Learn how to extract data and process it.
3. Learn how to analyze data to obtain answers to research questions

Complexity of the project