Cloud-based problem and solution sharing platform for injection molding
Project Description

The product platform has been very successful business mode as shown by the companies like Alibaba and Jingdon. Engineering talent and skills sharing however are limited, particularly for injection molding industry. There are serious mismatch between the talent demands and suppliers for the industry. It is therefore the objective of this project to study and develop a cloud-based big-data platform to resolve this problem and to promote new economy for molding industry. This cloud-based project will first focus on the molding setting and trouble-shooting as the 1st sharing platform.

GAO Furong
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Applicant role:
The design and test for the above-cloud base system, specifically:
(1) User end app (Smart phone or computer based) for molding experts who are willing to provide their knowledge to solve molding problem for case-based payment income (User Interface, biding)
(2) Problem supply app by molding companies who is willing to pay for the solution to their problems (Problem description, the payment, data)
(3) Cloud server software (matching development, customers maintenance etc)

Applicant's Learning Objectives

This project will train students the skills of developing a new business model by logical analysis, organization and integration.

Complexity of the project