A comparison of the situation of elderly residents in Hong Kong's villages and built-up areas.
Project Description

Researchers will identify communities of elderly people living in villages and urban housing estates in Hong Kong. Over a period of year they will conduct regular visits and conduct interviews with the residents, carers and social workers of these communities about their daily routines, their interactions with friends, neighbors and relatives. Researchers will also pay attention to the significance of gender differences in the needs of elderly people.

GROVES Julian Mcallister
Course type
Applicant's Roles

identifying communities of elderly people
making regular field visits and conducting interviews in Cantonese
writing up interviews and undertaking analysis
Assisting in write up of final report
Please note that fluency in written and spoken Cantonese is essential for the project

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Applicants will learn:
How to design qualitative social research, sampling and interviews
how to conduct sociological interviews
how to analyze qualitative date
How to navigate ethical issues in qualitative research

Complexity of the project