The construction of a single component functional RNA origami
Project Description

RNA origami, similar to its powerful counterpart DNA origami, mainly exists as structurally building blocks. And the principle of its formation is simply adapted from that of DNA origami. However, RNA is a class of highly diverse biomolecule, which interacts with almost all other types of biomolecules. Taking advantage of the ability of RNA to bind with other molecules, this project aim to build RNA origami with functional roles that are tunable upon the formation and deformation of origami. The success of this project will yield practically useful RNA origami not as a structure building block, but as an active nano device.

KUANG Becki Yi
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicant and the PI will design the project together. The experiments will be performed by the applicant and research assistant in the lab. The applicant is expected to have moderate to advance knowledge of nucleic acid and protein, basic knowledge of structural biology. The applicant is required to have hand-on experience on PCR, electrophoresis. Some experience with flowcytometer, ChemBioDraw, caDNAno is prefered.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The applicant will learn the design and the synthesis of artificial RNA; the engineering of RNA:protein interaction; the in vitro and in vivo measurement method of protein function.

Complexity of the project