Damage Spreading in Networks
Project Description

Damage spreading, or virus spreading, or advertisement, on networks, such as social networks, will be investigated using statistical mechanics. Analysis of the speed of spreading, healing (or recovery) time, relation to topology of the networks will be performed both analytically and numerically.

SZETO Kwok Yip
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Student should have background in statistical physics, or with approval of project supervisor to enroll in this project. The applicant is expected to do the following

1. Study past literature on damage spreading to understand the basic physics behind the phenomena

2. Analysis of damage spreading on simple lattice and reproduce results published

3. Extend the results in 2 to more complex networks, and multiple damaged sites

4. Analsysis of survivors statistics

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Master the analytical techniques in damage spreading on complex networks
2. Master the numerical techniques in damage spreading on complex networks
3. With hard work, this project should lead to a journal publication that will help the student's future career

Complexity of the project