Death toll by categories in the developed, developing and underdeveloped world
Project Description

A literature research project for non-science students only. The project aims to identify and tabulate the death toll of various diseases, e.g., genetic, infectious, chronic complex diseases, etc. and accidents to evaluate the differences in the causes of death and our confidence in containing them. The figures would help establish a philosophical interpretation of life expectancy, quality of life and meaning of life.

CHOW King Lau
Course type
Applicant's Roles

There will be extensive literature search, reading of reports from various international organizaations and data analysis. The collected data will be interpreted with a perspective of social and humanistic angles so that to offer insight on how quality life should be manage.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

There will lots of literature interpretation and data analysis going on. The student is expected to develop a social perspective of how disease and health issues should be handled, and at the end define a personal view about value of human beings as a living species.

Complexity of the project