Deceptive Environmental Claims and Greenwashing
Project Description

With an increasing interest in sustainability and environmental conservation and growing fear from environmental pollution and its threats to human health, more and more consumers in Hong Kong become willing to pay a price premium to purchase greener, more sustainable products. This led to an increasing availability of allegedly “green products” with eco-claims and eco-labels from all over the world being sold in Hong Kong. Yet often it is hard for the consumer to tell which promises are true and the products worth their money.
This research investigates the question where do legitimate environmental claims end and “greenwashing” start? What are commonly observed deceptive claims and greenwashing tricks in the Hong Kong market? How do they affect consumers' trust and consumer behavior? What product categories are particularly vulnerable to green washing? And what can be done in Hong Kong do to reduce greenwashing without negatively affecting the trend towards sustainable consumption?

Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students will facilitate the research process including literature review on product certification and product declaration, survey development, market research and data analysis.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Enhance students’ analytical skills and critical thinking ability. Provide students with hands on research experiences. Expand knowledge in the field of product sustainability, consumer behaviour, and sustainable consumption.

Complexity of the project