Deciphering information from company earnings call
Project Description

Company's earning call is one of the most important information disclosure events. The top management team is expected to explain the current financial performance and provide some guidance for the future outlook of the business. In this project, we intend to employ analytical methods to extract and analyze the information content in the text and audio data. The applicant is expected to have solid knowledge and experience in programming applications. Some data analysis experience would be very helpful.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Help label/classify the sentiment of transcripts in earnings call. The RA should first hand-label some sentences in the transcripts of earnings call, and then assist the professor/phd students to develop some tools for analyzing the data.
2. Help collect the data about analyst report. The RA should develop a web crawler to collect analyst report in a specific website, and then do some basic data cleaning and analysis .
3. Help collect the audio records of earnings call in, and their corresponding transcripts.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The students will get familiar with the information environment of listed companies. They will develop stronger data analysis skills together with programming skills.

Complexity of the project