Design and Fabrication of Reliable Micro Thermal Gyroscope System for Industry 4.0
Project Description

Industry 4.0 is driven by the convergence of technologies, including IoT sensors, Big Data, AI, automation system, etc. In the area of smart manufacturing, low-cost reliable micro motion sensors will be critical. Inertia-based micro gyroscope to measure angular motion has been widely used in smartphones, wearable devices and drones for navigation and control. However, the shock resistance of inertia micro gyroscopes is not high enough for reliable Industrial 4.0 in robotic systems and smart manufacturing. Micro thermal gyroscopes based on the micro heat convection flow of fluid particles to detect the angular motion has been shown to have the shock resistance at least one order of magnitude higher than inertia-based micro gryoscopes. This project will be the part of the one international project with University of California, Berkeley for building construction automation research program.

LEE Yi-Kuen
Course type
Applicant's Roles

This project has two objectives: the vibration reduction design of the fabricated micro thermal gyrsocope module and the further miniaturization of the interface electronic module for micro thermal gyroscope. Successful candidates are expected to firstly conduct the mechanical vibration analysis and shock response testing, and design a compact interface electronic circuit on a mini printed circuit board (PCB). Prior experience in mechanical engineering and electronic engineering preferred, including the ability to use the PCB design software, Altium Designer and the mechanical engineering software, Solidworks.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Develop basic understanding of conventional and micro gyroscopes

Learn basic Industry 4.0 and MEMS technology for micro thermal gyroscopes.

Develop understanding of mechanical vibration theory

Develop hands-on experience for making a new PCB circuit design and the optimized mechanical design for micro thermal gyroscopes.

Complexity of the project