Design, Fabrication and Testing of Micro Thermal Accelerometers for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)
Project Description

MEMS sensors are one of the 5 key technologies for Internet of Things (IoT). Although inertia-based MEMS accelerometers have been widely used in mobile computing devices, such as smartphones, tablet PC, smart watches, these accelerometers have limited shock & vibration resistance. Micro thermal accelerometer based on convection heat transfer has no moving part which can have much higher shock & vibration resistance for harsh environments in industrial IoT: smart buildings, smart factory, etc. This project is to design a micro thermal accelerometer and the mechanical packaging using commercial foundry fabrication processes to achieve excellent performance for industrial IoT.

LEE Yi-Kuen
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Design a micro thermal accelerometer using Matlab and CFD,
2. Design the mechanical packaging for micro thermal accelerometer,
3. Testing of the fabricated micro thermal accelerometers

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Understand the fundamenal of MEMS fabrication technologies,
2. Understand the micro convection heat transfer and the applications,
3. Understand the basic principle of different types of MEMS accelerometers,
4. Able to design a micro thermal accelerometer with the required performance.

Complexity of the project