Design of a Wireless Data and Power Transmission System for IoT Devices Charging and Communication
Project Description

Magnetic resonance wireless power transfer (MWPT) system has attracted wide research efforts for their promising potential in charging IoT and biomedical devices without direct physical contact.
The goal of this project is to develop a novel MWPT system not only support wireless charging but also data transmission between the charger and receiver. A data signal will be combined with power carrier and transmitted together through the MWPT link. On the receiver side, the received power will be converted into stable dc power and the data will be recovered.
In order to complete this project successfully, students will need to master: 1. Basic electronic design techniques such as circuit simulation and PCB design; 2. Basic knowledge in electronic theory especially analog circuit theory. 3, Operating of basic electronic testing equipment such as multi-meter and oscilloscope.

YUE Chik Patrick
Course type
Applicant's Roles

This project is best suited for a team of students, who split the project into smaller sub-projects concentrating on a particular aspect of the system. Students will be responsible for the design of a complete system, including power transmitter, matching circuit, wireless transfer coils, receiver front-end, and power management circuit. The results should be a MWPT system capable of powering a 2 W LED and transmitting data simultaneously.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Students will learn to design a complete wireless power transfer system for IoT devices.
2. Students will enhance their knowledge in analog circuit, wireless power and wireless communication technology, signal processing and gain necessary skill in electronic design.
3. Students will have chance to publish a paper depending on the quality of work.

Complexity of the project