Develop a machine learning application on video data base retrieval using Tensorflow facilities
Project Description

This project needs to build an application of machine learning (ML) from Google Tensorflow (TF) to integrate some suitable API into an application on video database. You will work by using on analyzing video databases and building smart search on the data. This project will demonstrate how to build smart machine learning tools supporting searching on a video database with TF tools.

NG Wilfred Siu Hung
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The main work is to develop a Python application that connects TF tools to do smart searching on video databases. You are expected to have good interest in Python, some ideas of databases and basic understanding of ML concepts. Some information of TF is as follows:

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Students who participate in this project will write the code that explores cutting-edge TF facilities and build a prototype to demonstrate the smart search.

Complexity of the project