Development of Active Graphene Based Blood Purification Material
Project Description

The development of graphene-based material has attracted great attention from technical field and capital markets. The potential of graphene-based material on blood purification, however, has not been explored before with potential market being over 10 billion USD in China alone. We has been actively developing the product and made considerable processes. You are invited to join the business development team for the promotion and awareness of the project via joining road shows, entrepreneurship competitions and other public explores. You will mainly responsible for: 1. Analyzing the market of blood purification with regional focus. 2. Understanding the proposed product and proposing proper business model. 3. Preparing financial models for demonstration of potential of projects. 4. Drafting full business plan and presenting the business plan. No experience is required but experiences in Investment Banking, Marketing and Consulting are highly preferred.

LUO Zhengtang
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Market analysis and write business plan.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Learn to perform literature research.
2. Design proper products.
3. Write a business plan.

Complexity of the project