Development of Extended-Range Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV)
Project Description

In recent years, unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) have seen increasing use in applications such as resource exploration, environment monitoring, and national security. A key component of USVs is the power system. Most USVs today run on batteries, which are simple and reliable but can restrict the operating time to just a few hours. In this project, you will explore ways to increase the operating time of USVs by harvesting energy from available sources such as the sea (waves), the air (wind), and the sun (solar radiation). You will assess the viability of each energy source and benchmark them against each other. You will then propose a concept for deployment on a small-scale USV (1-2m long) and build a prototype to be tested and optimized in field trials. On completion, this project will lead to technology enabling extended-range USVs.

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