Development of organic rechargeable liquid fuels as an energy storage medium
Project Description

Among various energy storage systems, the e-fuel system stands out due to its characteristics of site-independence, scalable energy-to-power ratio and long cycle life [1]. Among the choices of e-fuels, organic redox-active molecules have emerged as the most promising group of candidates for the low cost and tunable electrochemical/physical properties. This project aims to develop organic e-fuels by searching proper redox-active species (especially for quinone species), optimization of the e-fuel composition and system operation conditions.
[1] H.R. Jiang, L. Wei, X.Z. Fan, W. Shyy, T.S. Zhao, 2019, "A novel energy storage system incorporating electrically rechargeable liquid fuels as the storage medium," Science Bulletin 64 (2019) 270-280.

ZHAO Tianshou
ZHAO Tianshou
XU, Jianbo
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The student will review the literature to understand the working principle and current status of organic redox-active species; optimize the e-fuel composition; conduct electrochemical measurements; assemble the e-fuel chargers and dischargers; also present and write reports. Candidate with lab skills preferred.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Understand the operating principle of the e-fuel systems; Develop academic writing and presentation skills; Master necessary lab skills.

Complexity of the project