Double perovskite sensors for the automotive industry.
Project Description

An oxygen sensor (lambda probe) is an electronic device that measures the content of O2 in the exhaust of a car. Closed loop feedback-controlled fuel injection varies the fuel injector output according to O2 sensor data in order to optimally reduce the exhaust emissions of the car. The most common oxygen sensors are electrochemical cells based on zirconia solid electrolytes and were first introduced 40 years ago by MÃ

CIUCCI Francesco
CIUCCI Francesco
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Applicant's Roles

The applicant should test double perovskite materials. He/she will conduct sensor and conductivity tests in the 2-point and 4-point setup. The sensor response, S, defined as the ratio of the relative conductivity change and allows for the comparison of sensors in various atmospheres will be measured. Similarly, the sensor response and recovery will be measured in the range between 500 â

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- measure the high temperature response of ceramic materials
- measure the conductivity of ceramics
- rank the best performing materials

Complexity of the project