Dynamics of the Surface monolayer of Polymers
Project Description

Numerous experiments show that the surface of polymer is more mobile than the bulk. Computer simulations reveal that there is a strong gradient in the surface dynamics where the dynamics decays sharply beyond the top monolayer (< 1 nm thick) of the surface. However, prevalent experimental methods only have spatial resolutions of about 10 nm. In this project, we employ a new method to probe the dynamics of the surface monolayer of polymers. The goal is to study how the surface monolayer dynamics may alter upon perturbations by an opposite interface that is brought close to the surface. With the high resolution of the new method, one may study the effects of a perturbing interface at an unprecedentedly close distance of a few nanometers.

TSUI Ophelia K. C.
TSUI Ophelia K. C.
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Applicant's Roles

Under the guidance of the supervisor and designated group members, the student will prepare the
samples; plan for and carry out the experiments; analyze, interpret and present the research result.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Learn to work as a team in experimental research, make plan for a project, create own ideas.

Complexity of the project