Eccentricity Behind Beauty: Psychopathology and Artistic Expression in Chinese Painting
Project Description

Rereading artists' biographies and pictorial representations from the angle of psychopathology, this project seeks to uncover the significance of psychological state in shaping artistic expressions in Chinese painting. Focusing on artists profoundly influenced by traumas of dynastic transitions, political turmoil or personal tragedies, it investigates the underlying relationship between psychiatric disorders or psychological eccentricity and artistic creativity.

FU Li-tsui
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Each applicant will choose an artist as the focus of his/her research and collect all relevant primary data and secondary studies. After acquiring a solid understanding of the method of psychopathology, he/she will explore if/how these theories will shed new light on our understanding and interpretation of the artist's life and artistic expression.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, the students will learn to

1. Collect visual and textual data related to the topic independently.
2. Acquire a solid knowledge of theories of psychopathology.
3. Analyse the visual and textual data they have collected and reach an insightful understanding of artistic endeavours from the angle of psychoanalysis.

Complexity of the project