An Empathic Robot That Can Hold A Conversation in Many Languages
Project Description

We are looking for an undergraduate to help us on the development of an interactive task-oriented emotional robot built on top of Pepper. Pepper is a humanoid robot made by Softbank, it provides multiple interactive sensors with 4 microphones, 2 RGB cameras, 1 3D camera for depth sensing, 5 tactile sensors, and many more. With Pepper, we believe that we can together build an interactive robot like no one has ever seen before. It can speak multiple languages, hold a conversation with you and is empathetic. You can find more about pepper from this video

FUNG Pascale
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The student will be working together in a research group to develop multiple real-time audio-visual processing modules to improve the quality and performance of the interactive robot. We aim to publish papers and demonstrate this robot at major AI conferences. Student must be at least interested in programming in Python, and in natural language processing and computer vision.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- Learn to do research in a team
- Learn to write research papers
- Learn to program in Python and other AI related languages
- Learn the basics of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision

Complexity of the project