Enhance Integrated Security Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform
Project Description

There are a number of Threat Intelligence Platform in the market, some use STIX/TAXII format through Python. Another more sophisticated platform provided as MISP with code freely available and can be accessed by different users. The system can perform a number of tasks including additional of new data feed, schedule of tasks, parsing and conversion of data feed, and storage of the MISP environment.

In this research project, we wish to understand the components of Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform and determine how to revise and enhance the MISP for automated sharing of threat intelligence information.

Besides, we also wish to combine the use of Chatbot technology for query of information from system

IEONG Sze Chung Ricci
IEONG Sze Chung Ricci
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. Setup, explore and review the components of existing sharing platform technology
2. Develop and enhance the sharing platform and combine with previous sharing platform developed by our research team.
3. Understand and extract relevant useful code
4. Implement of Chatbot into the sharing platform

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Understand about the latest technology of IT Security Threat Intelligence Platform
2. Understand about how to make use of chatbot for real life technology
3. Learn about the latest idea on IT security

Complexity of the project