Evolutionary Art at the fast track
Project Description

Evolution takes place in all living organisms when they are subjected to challenges in the living context they are exposed to. The resulted changes may represent an aesthetic appealing process revealing interesting pattern and improvisation of genetic alteration. If a fast growing organism can be taken as an experimental subject and be selected by artificially introduced changes, we can document the changes as a piece of living art, and at the same time monitor what the key changes are introduced in the process allowing us to understand how nature works, thus representing a true integration of arts and science.

CHOW King Lau
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicant will conduct experiments as a microbiologist working with bacterial culture in different medium, manipulating the growth condition, documenting the changes over time by various image and video capture, and finally collect samples to for molecular characterization by genome sequencing and analysis.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Students will be equipped with microbiology technique, various culture condition optimization, experimental design and selection of material, record documentation by imaging and video capture, and genome sequencing techniques and bioinformatis analysis; in essence, a full range of molecular biology tools regularly practiced in typical molecular and cellular biology laboratories.

Complexity of the project