Exploring College Students’ Self-identity via Social Media
Project Description

Self-identity suggests ‘who I am in my own eyes’ meaning an internal concept of the composition of self. As a developmental task of adolescence is to achieve identity and it is proved that self-identity diffusion is the greatest internal crisis faced by individuals during their development, measuring individuals’ self-identity status to observe their self-identity development is very important. However previous studies often rely on self-reports to measure self-identity status, which is subjective, time-consuming and not in detail. As people are increasingly disclosing their personal statuses on social media platforms, the Internet has created numerous ways that were not possible previously for users to explore their self-identity. So in this project, we aim to explore how to identify college students’ self-identity status leveraging their social media data. To discuss design opportunities, we will further compare social media usage behavior of the students with different self-identity status to find how media usage influence college students’ self-identity development.

MA Xiaojuan
Course type
Applicant's Roles

- Data collection and cleaning
- Help to do textual, visual data analysis
- Algorithm implementation

Applicant's Learning Objectives

- Use python for data analysis
- Get familiar with data analysis in NLP

Complexity of the project