Extraction and Purification of Stevia rebaudiana glycosides (甜菊糖) for the Application as sweetener
Project Description

Stevia rebaudiana is a plant that originated in Paraguay in South America and enjoys a history of being used as sweeteners for several centuries and numerous products based on Stevia rebaudiana glycoside have been developed. This research aims to explore the application of Stevia rebaudiana glycoside on food as sweetener. Although numerous researches have discussed its molecular structure and properties, the products in the market now are still faced with challenges of sensory improvement. Rebaudiana A exhibits clean sweetness at low Sucrose equivalency (SE) level but other taste attributes (e.g. bitterness and black licorice) at higher SE levels (e.g. SE>6), making it unsuitable to be the sole sweetener in food or beverages. Rebaudiana A also fails to match the temporal profiles, displaying significantly longer Appearance Time (AT) than sucrose. By improving the sensory properties of Rebaudiana A products, the research may provide an applicable solution as a compound flavoring agent.

LIU Yuanshuai
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicant will investigate Stevia rebaudiana glycoside for the replacement of table sugar, focusing on the following subjects: - The mechanism of sensory system, - The procedure of sensory evaluation, - The extraction, purification and analysis of main compound in Stevia rebaudiana glycoside - The application improvements on Stevia rebaudiana glycoside products, - The brief design on its production.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. Understand the science and technology for the production of sweetener 2. Get familiar with the sensory evaluation for food development 3. Apply the knowledge learned to solve the real problem

Complexity of the project