Forced synchronization of a capillary jet for 3D printing optimization
Project Description

Capillary jets can be found in many industrial applications such as 3D printing. In this project, you will examine the synchronization dynamics of a self-excited capillary jet so as to be able to better understand and control its droplet size distribution and its droplet formation rate. You will build a bench-top apparatus consisting of a liquid reservoir, a computer-controlled syringe pump, capillary tubing, and a liquid catch tank. To induce synchronization, you will use a loudspeaker to acoustically force the jet at frequencies around its natural frequency, whilst measuring its response with high-speed imaging. You will collect data over a range of forcing frequencies and amplitudes, and examine how the jet responds to the forcing using a range of mathematical tools from nonlinear dynamical theory. On completion, this project will lead to a better understanding of the physics of synchronization in capillary jets, creating new pathways for novel control strategies to be developed for such jets.

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