Fourier Optics
Project Description

Fourier Optics is a method that is used to model how an image is formed in a microscope. This approach takes account of the common imperfections of microscopes that can have an influence on how objects appear in an image. Therefore, application of the Fourier Optics approach can help us to interpret the features we see in a microscopy image. We will use Fourier Optics to model objects on surfaces, such as atomic height steps, that appear in images produced by low energy electron microscopy.

ALTMAN Michael Scott
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The student will learn about the Fourier optics method and how it is applied to model low energy electron microscopy imaging. He/she will be introduced to some python and matlab computer programs that have been developed to perform Fourier optics calculations and will use these programs to simulate objects in LEEM images for comparison to real experimental data.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. develop an understanding of the Fourier optics
2. make practical use of Fourier optics to interpret microscopy images

Complexity of the project