Full-color LED Micro-display based on Raspberry Pi
Project Description

In this project, we aim to drive a RGB LED matrix into a full-color display based on Raspberry Pi, which is a small single-board computer. A 40 x 40 RGB LED matrix will be fabricated and integrated with functional integrated circuits (ICs) onto a well-designed printing circuit board (PCB). Each LED can be independently addressed and controlled via digital General-purpose input/output pins (GPIO) with a standard interface Hub75E. By selecting and configuring GPIOs on Raspberry Pi to fit Hub75E, we can connect our RGB LED matrix with Raspberry Pi and demonstrate full-color display through programing.The major target is to realize independent pulse-width modulation (PWM) then to drive Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels at different light intensities. Flexibility is also required for the program to extend the display resolution from 40 x 40 to a higher level, such like 256 x 192.

LAU Kei May
LAU Kei May
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The RGB LED matrix panel will be prepared by our colleagues. After comprehensive discussion with our colleagues, the applicant will be responsible for the program part based on Raspberry Pi, as listed below:
1) Selecting and configuring GPIOs on Raspberry Pi to fit Hub75E
2) Programing on Raspberry Pi to realize independent PWM control for R/G/B sub-pixels
Basic understanding of MCU or Raspberry Pi
Basic programing experience (C code is preferable)
Self-motivation of learning and problem solving
Good communication skills and team cooperation capability

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Learn basic knowledge of LEDs
Learn principles of passive matrix driving
Program and Debug on Raspberry Pi using C code

Complexity of the project