G proteins and their regulators in cancer biology
Project Description

G proteins and their regulators (RGS proteins) are known to modulate cell growth and proliferation via complex signaling mechanisms. In order to obtain a better understanding of how these proteins affect tumor formation and progression, specific RGS proteins will be overexpressed in mammalian cell lines or their expression in cancer cells knocked down by siRNA, and the growth characteristics of these cells will then be determined. Changes in the ability of these cells to proliferate in culture will be correlated to alterations in G protein signaling where appropriate.

WONG Yung Hou
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicant is expected to assist in generating research tools (modified cDNA constructs) and perform routine experiments. The applicant will work with an experienced researcher. A good understanding in cell biology is preferred.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the project include, but not limited to, the following:
1. Standard laboratory skills (e.g., preparing reagents)
2. Basic recombinant DNA techniques (e.g., restriction digests)
3. Planning and execution of experiments
4. Data analysis and presentation
5. Foundation in cell signaling

Complexity of the project