Genetic identification of negative regulator of bone morphogenetic protein signaling pathway negative regulator
Project Description

The project involves the manipulation of a genetic model system to screen novel genetic components required for BMP signaling modulation. These component genes may likely generate mutant phenotype by mutations of themselves. They may work via extracellular binding of ligand or buffering the intracellular signaling cascade. Students would learn from the very beginning of animal culture, to genetics experiments, mapping and finally defining the molecular nature of the genes. A full spectrum of techniques will be employed.

CHOW King Lau
Course type
Applicant's Roles

The applicants will be the primary person in charge of the project, from genetic screen design, schedule management, final execution of experiments and data analysis. They would have the opportunity to determine the direction of the subsequent project development.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

To acquire basic techniques used in molecular genetics lab for simple experimental work in molecular and genetic experiments.
To be able to manage one's class schedule and lab work so as to maximize the learning experience.
To be able to establish one's own research program (small as it is) to handle investigative work independently.

Complexity of the project