Genome Integrity Mutants
Project Description

The dinoflagellates not only have genome sizes up to 80-100 times that of human beings (up to 250 vs 3 pg of haploid genome size), they are also devoid of detectable-nucleosomes and their chromosomes are apparently quasi-condensed throughout the cell cycle. We recently observed resilience of dinoflagellates to DNA damage agents. The present project aims to isolate and characterize dinoflagellate mutants with different genome sizes. The project will involve cell biological and molecular techniques in the generation and monitoring of dinoflagellate lines. The resulting lines of dinoflagellates will help to delineate the possible loss of genomic DNA on the resulting dino-chromosomes.

WONG Joseph Tin Yum
Course type
Applicant's Roles

To screen mutant banks and carry out preliminary chracterization

Applicant's Learning Objectives

algal culture ,cell biology and microscopy;
and depending on progress and experiences, molecular biological approach
team work and independence;

Complexity of the project