Human-Drone Interaction
Project Description

Flying drones becomes more and more important in the future society. We intend to provide a mobile/portable solutions for interacting with the drone easily and naturally. We will study different kinds of interaction approaches to control and communicate with the flying drone. The aim of this project is to introduce the students to the design of interfaces and interaction techniques for flying drones. Some basic concepts of interaction design for flying drones will enable the student to implement some user-friendly interfaces leveraging the most updated design concepts and interaction design paradigms.

Course type
Applicant's Roles

1) Study some basic materials that will be provided from the instructor.
2) Conduct some experiments and become familiar with the common practices of user-centric studies for Human-drone Interaction.
3) Implement simple prototypical drone control interfaces.
4) Implement proof-of-concept applications after eliciting all the necessary design clues.
5) Perform statistical analysis for the experimental results.
The students will be assisted by one or more lab members and they will have weekly meeting with them.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

By the end of the project, the student(s) will be familiar with the basics of designing interfaces and interaction techniques for Human-drone Interaction. And they will be able to demonstrate their knowledge through actual applications.

Complexity of the project