Integrating BIM and IoT for Building Facility Management and Energy Management
Project Description

Building information modeling (BIM) provides rich geometric and semantic information for facilitating construction and facility management processes. On the other hand, much information can be obtained through facility management systems and Internet of Things (IoT) like sensors to support building facility management. This project aims to develop a system framework based on BIM technology that integrates data from building management systems, facility management systems and IoT, and provides a 3D visual interface for interacting with those systems and IoT devices. In this project, the information requirement for facility management processes will be studied and summarized. Data analytics techniques will also be leveraged to support predictive maintenance. The developed framework will finally be illustrated and validated in case scenarios.

CHENG Jack Chin Pang
Course type
Applicant's Roles

(1) Study facility management processes and their information flows. (2) Study BIM and IoT technologies and their potentials to support building facility management and energy management. (3) Collect and analyze IoT data of a building. (4) Develop a case scenario.
(Students with computer programming background are preferred.)

Applicant's Learning Objectives

(1) Students will be able to understand the state-of-the-art BIM and IoT technologies. (2) Students will be able to apply data mining techniques for building data analysis. (3) Students will be able to propose data-driven strategies for building operations and maintenance.

Complexity of the project