Korean War Prisoners Oral History Interview Transcription
Project Description

This oral history transcription project serves two separate research undertakings: the history of China's WWII interpreters and a soldier's history of the Korean War. Having interviewed more than 90 Korean War veterans and 6 WWII interpreters, I need research assistants to accurately transcribe the interviews, fact-check interview contents, and edit the transcription text.

CHANG David Cheng
CHANG David Cheng
Course type
Applicant's Roles

1. You will transcribe interview records from audio or video files.
2. You will verify oral history narratives with the aid of other historical records.
3. You may edit the transcription into cohesive, coherent oral history reports.

You should understand various Chinese dialects, especially those of North China and Sichuan, where most of the POWs were from.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

1. You will learn the basic methods and practices of oral history interviews.
2. You will acquire in-depth and personal knowledge of the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, life in POW camps, and the postwar era in both mainland China and Taiwan.

Complexity of the project