Maxwell Demon and Information Thermodynamics
Project Description

The recent experimental works on colloidal systems and other mesoscopic systems reveal the correction to the second law of thermodynamics is needed, as information can be converted to work. This frontier research in the last few years opens up the possibility of using the so-called Maxwell Demons and through information gathering, one can construct information engine and refrigerators. We like to understand the working of the some of the models proposed for information engines.

SZETO Kwok Yip
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Students will first understand the basics of traditional thermodynamics and various techniques such as stochastic dynamics and Markov Chains. Simulation techniques can be obtained while more advanced students can attempt the derivation of old and develop new models for information engine. Generalization to quantum systems will be a new frontier involving quantum information thermodynamics.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Students will learn thermodynamics, statistical physics, and simulation techniques.
Students can also understand the physics behind some of the recent exciting experimental results on this subject

Complexity of the project