Monitoring the norm of human morphology
Project Description

Leonardo da Vinci describe healthy human body by the Vitruvian Man. Yet, we all know that modern human beings are not taking the same shape and form even when we try hard to. So, what exactly is the current human body shape and form look like. That would demand a systematic documentation of many samples today. I propose to device a protocol to capture the morphology of modern human in large scale, in terms of hundreds or thousands, and through image analysis monitor stratified data of body shape from subject of different ages to come up with a norm definition of human body shape.

CHOW King Lau
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Devising a study scheme
Conduction of a survey capture images of human body as images (pictures, or infra red images)
Conduct image analysis of all the subjects and perform statistical analysis of the data
Define the average human body shape
Finally, infer the key changes related to the change in human history

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Acquire the skills to design a survey study and conduct a survey experiment
Capture of images with the accuracy and reproducibility
Practice Image analysis protocol
Set up an ethnically diverse archive for documentation of body shape

Complexity of the project