Multi-agent System Control
Project Description

Multi-agent System is an emerging field in robotics. In order to solve a wider range of complex problems that a single robot could not tackle, studying and applying the collective behavior in robots is essential. Examples are collaborative object carrying, and search and rescue. In this project, you are going to build a multi-agent system consisting of a few mini ground vehicles and overhead cameras which serve as indoor GPS unit. Then you will investigate the collective behavior of such a system and implement distributed control strategies of each agent so that they can perform a bigger task.

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Course type
Applicant's Roles

The expected roles include
(1) Identify suitable collective behavior;
(2) Study and implement a multi-agent system;
(3) Test the system and implement suitable distributed control algorithms.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

Throughout the project period, you are expected to learn and apply necessary robotic system development software skills including embedded system programming, using OpenCV and ROS, as well as to perform debugging on hardware and wireless communication networks.

Complexity of the project