Multiphase simulations with CFD
Project Description

Multi-phase flows, e.g. the microbubble generation in ship wakes, the breaking waves in the ocean, the jet coating, the inkjet printing, the jet impingement, the atomization, the shock-bubble/droplet interaction, the cavitation and the liquid phase sintering, are ubiquitous in nature and play an important role in modern industrial processes, e.g. the combustion process in an engine. This process involves some fundamental challenges in the simulation, such as the filament breakup, the droplet generation and the moving contact line dynamics. Among these complex phenomena, the gas-liquid interaction is one of the fundamental research topics, and will be our main concern.

FU Lin
Course type
Applicant's Roles

(1) Simulate gas-liquid interaction;
(2) Understand the flow physics.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

(1) Learn CFD technology for predicting multiphase flows;
(2) Get familiar with the flow physics of gas-liquid interaction.

Complexity of the project