Object Detection and Recognition for Underwater Computer Vision
Project Description

Computer vision for underwater applications are proved to be useful since most of the sensors does not work under water. Shallow depth for less than 100m still exposed with sun light, thus, underwater cameras can capture and take a footage of the environment. Under water robot as a diving assistant is one of the possible application to utilize computer vision technique in order to detect the diver presence and track its trajectory. In this project, we aim to develop object detection and tracking algorithm for diver with an underwater camera. Students with a solid backgrounds in computer vision, machine learning, mathematics and interested in gaining hands-on experience in robotics, are encouraged to participate.

LI Zexiang
WIDY Andreas
Course type
Applicant's Roles

Applicants will design an algorithms to detect an object underwater. Strong knowledge in computer vision and machine learning are favorable.

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The learning objetcives will be of the students will be exposing them to real-world problem that can be applied to the underwater robot Industry and providing them hands-on experience to do program real-time application.

Complexity of the project