Optimal Experimental Design, Kramers-Kronig Relations, and Inverse Problems in Electrochemistry
Project Description

In this UROP project, the conjunct implementation of optimal experimental design (OED) and Kramers-Kronig (KK) relations is proposed. The student will study a simple parallel RC circuit and will assess the identification of the C component of the circuit. The student will also compare the identification procedure with Kramers Kronig relations (or Distribution of Relaxation times). The aim of the project is to show that, contrary to popular belief of the electrochemistry community, the two quantities do not correlate with a simple example.

CIUCCI Francesco
Course type
Applicant's Roles

- Development of scientific software to evaluate principal value of integrals according to published paper
- Analysis of stochastic data in electrochemistry

Applicant's Learning Objectives

The student will learn the rudiments of inverse problems, identification and optimal experimental design in a simple and integrated framework.
The student will learn about writing a scientific paper with the advisor.

Complexity of the project